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PT3 Fun-Get-Together
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ITS PT3 Fun-Get-Together Party


International Tuition School held its fun-get-together party for its PT3 students at a hotel recently. The party is aimed at giving the students exposure and the opportunity to showcase their talents besides promoting a sense of camaraderie among them.

In her speech at Tuesday’s event, the Founder/Director of ITS, Mrs Sandra Ling, spoke on wholesome education which is also in line with the school’s mission statement. She stressed on the need for the students to focus on their long-term goals as they move on to pursue their education. She added that besides achieving academic excellence, it is important for them to equip themselves with social skills because they are expected to be globally competitive. The Founder/Director  ended her speech with a thought of reflection for the students, that is, not to take the success they achieve in the future for granted but to continue to be a blessing to others.

The highlights of that afternoon’s party included games and performances by students from the individual branches of the school. The event, which ended with a high0tea session, was a success because it was an entertaining and enjoyable one for everyone who attended.









International Tuition School (ITS), the pioneer in English language teaching in Sarawak, held a Fun-Get-Together party for its PT3 students at a local hotel recently.

Mr. Derex Ong, the Head Principal of the school, in his speech to the students in attendance, reminded them of the importance of the English language in facing the many challenges of today's world and to persevere in mastering the language. He also reminded the students to be greaful to their parents and teachers who have all along guided them in their lives.

 There were student performances and games during the session as well. The day ended with students having high-tea and having an enjoyable time with their friends from the other branches.


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